Top rising names in today

Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson (85)
  • Film Actor
  • one of the most prominent American motion-picture actors of his generation, especially noted for his versatile portrayals of unconventional, alienated outsiders.
Steven Spielberg Steven Spielberg (76)
  • Steven Allan Spielberg KBE OMRI is an American filmmaker.
Chester Alan Arthur Chester Alan Arthur (56)
Aidan Quinn Aidan Quinn (63)
George Clooney George Clooney (61)
Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence (32)
Jodie Foster Jodie Foster (60)
Tom Hanks Tom Hanks (66)
Emma Watson Emma Watson (32)
Donald Trump Donald Trump (76)
Barack Obama Barack Obama (61)
  • President
  • 44th President of the United States
Erich Kastner Erich Kastner (75)
  • Author, Poet, Screenwriter, Writer
  • German satirist, poet and novelist, whose military experiences made him pacifist after World War I and opponent of totalitarian systems.