Big Fish

Big Fish (2003)

Director : Tim Burton
Scriptwriter : Daniel Wallace, John August
Production : Columbia Pictures
Cast : Ewan McGregor (Ed Bloom (Gençliği)), Albert Finney (Ed Bloom), Helena Bonham Carter (Cadı), Marion Cotillard (Josephine), Steve Buscemi (Norther Winslow), Billy Crudup (Will Bloom)
Release date : 09 Jan 2003
Genre : Fantastic / Drama / Comedies / Adventure
Duration : 2 hr, 5 Dakika
Country : United States
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Movie Synopsis

The story of a braggart and exaggerator, Edward Bloom, and his son, William, who--after a long estrangement--returns home only to learn his father is dying of cancer. Desperate to know the complicated man before it's too late, William sets out, trying to unravel fact from fiction.

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