Awake (2007)

Director : Joby Harold
Scriptwriter : Joby Harold
Production : GreeneStreet Films
Cast : Hayden Christensen (Clay Beresford), Jessica Alba (Sam Lockwood), Terrence Howard (Dr. Jack Harper), Lena Olin (Lilith Beresford), Christopher McDonald (Dr. Larry Lupin), Arliss Howard (Dr. Jonathan Neyer), Steven Hinkle (Young Clay)
Release date : 21 Mar 2008
Genre : Thriller / Drama / Crime
Duration : 1 Saat, 24 Dakika
Country : United States
Website :

Movie Synopsis

Jessica Alba, Hayden Christensen, and Terrence Howard star in first-time director/screenwriter Joby Harold's nerve-jangling psychological thriller about a man who experiences the frighteningly common surgical phenomenon known as "anesthetic awareness," in which those laid out on the operating table remain acutely aware of what is going on around them despite remaining completely paralyzed and unable to cry out for help. When a successful young man (Christensen) goes under the knife and realizes that the anesthesia hasn't quite done its job, the horror quickly sets in as his worried wife (Alba) waits anxiously and a terrifying drama unfolds in the operating room.

Trailer of Awake

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